What is a social network?

Why is facebook a social network and skype and msn not? What are attributes and features of a social network? During the first meeting of the partnership in our project „N@tworkingGens“ in Nürnberg, we tried to develop a definition of „social networks“:

„A social network is a virtual place where people can meet each other, exchange and share information, pictures, music and where they can experience virtual relationships.

An „unlimited“ place where there is no time, no borders, no boundaries …

Where they can communicate, and where they are connected with other people. They can give allowance to people to get information about yourself  – or not. You can choose what, when and how you present yourself. You have to introduce yourself and you can create an image.

This image that is presented in the social network is detached from your person.

A social network is a place where people can find / meet other cultures.“

If you have any additional ideas and suggestions, we are open to listen and read – you make a comment here.

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